Sunday, September 6, 2009

A quick update...

This time my absence was completely unavoidable. My first week of working at the village has ended, and it has been frightening, chaotic and hard! Having to be the one that MAKES the decisions for the patients' treatment, rather than the one who simply observes things happening, is really terrifying and it requires a lot of guts... and responsibility... and knowledge... and empathy... and I am working on all four.

I don`t know when I`ll be able to post again, since there is no internet connection at the village and I am on call almost every day (meaning I can`t leave and go to Mytilene, of course!) so it may be a while. Nevertheless, I will be thinking of all of you, and I´ll keep stalking and commenting on your news and life adventures, as soon as the Internet gods give me the chance.

By the way, I am now in Germany for the weekend, and having a lot of fun! :) But more news in the future! Take care and enjoy yourselves as much as possible!