Tuesday, February 10, 2009

25 facts about me

Thames started it, Raoulysgirl continued, and Willoughby was the third to do it. Now, it´s my turn to try. 25 facts about me, it is. I don´t know if they are interesting, but they are pretty characteristic.

1) I became a medical student... by chance! My subjects in High school were Ancient Greek, Latin, Literature and History. In other words, they had nothing to do with the subjects that are essential in order to be allowed to study Medicine. However, my grades were so good, that I was able to meet the criteria for Medical school that year. One year before that, or one year later, that would not have been possible. So, I considered it a sign from destiny, and I followed it!

2) I love literature, and wrote my first story at the age of 5. Nevertheless, writing has become increasingly difficult after attending medical school. My last creations were a poem collection and a novel, right after finishing high school. I know... too long ago. :(

3) I instantaneously fell in love with Ernesto, now my fiance. I met him in medical school, right from the first day and, after 2 weeks of flirting and getting to know each other, we became an item. Somehow, I have always known that he would be the man of my life. I sometimes doubt it now, LOL, but back then I was absolutely certain, and nothing could convince me otherwise.

4) I am a freak when it comes to cleaning and tidying. I don´t allow shoes in the house, and nobody can eat anything, unless he/she keeps it in a plate! (I hate crumbs!) I don´t think that medicine made my OCD worse, though. I was simply raised that way, and consider it natural. I am not afraid of germs, I just despise dirt.

5) I learnt to cook by myself, the trial and error way (fortunately, more trial than error!) My mother doesn´t cook much, and certainly didn´t allow us to watch and learn in the kitchen (fearing that we wouldn´t go to college and end up being ´just housewives´). Well, I personally love it, as well as most of the household chores that my mother hates from the bottom of her heart. Somehow, I am very appreciative of the work of an ´ordinary´ housewife...

6) My favourite food is spaghetti (with just about any kind of sauce and shredded cheese on top). I am not a picky eater, and neither is my partner. I would hate it if our children were ´difficult´, because I consider it a sign of ´spoilt-ness´ and incapability to adjust. I am prepared for the possibility, though.

7) I love Phoebs, our dog, from the bottom of my heart. She means the world to me. However (and I am embarrassed to say so), I don´t like to walk her. It is something I avoid doing, and try to pass it on to Ernesto. He jokes that I will make a terrible mother someday, but no jokes here - it is actually one of my greatest fears.

8) I am a snub when it comes to artificial food. I know time is never enough, but I almost never buy precooked food, frozen pie crust, cake mixes, mac n´cheese in a box, sauces in jars and stuff. I consider my loved ones too precious to feed them with stuff of dubious contents. Unfortunately, this has cost me many good All recipes things that I would like to try (such as banana pudding, or Mediterranean crescent rolls).

9) I spent a lot of time with my grandmother growing up, and I love her very much. I believe the ´grandmother/grandfather figure´ to be very important in a child´s life. And I don´t like it when parents argue with grandparents about the latter spoiling the kids - in my opinion, that´s exactly what they are for!

10) I am afraid of heights. I cried like a baby on the Eiffel tower and I was begging my partner to get me down to the ground (right after I was begging him to wait in the line for 2 hours to get a ticket! - No, he didn´t kill me!)

11) I enjoy travelling abroad. My favourite destination has been Berlin. I love this city - and I would gladly live there. My dream destination is New York.

12) I am a very naive person, and always try to see the good in people. Or at least I did, until I got robbed in one of our travels, in Barcelona. I was carrying my backpack with my wallet inside, with no precautions whatsoever, like a complete fool. As I was getting on the metro, my bag was opened, wallet gone, and zipped again, like nothing had happened! All this in the 2 seconds that were needed to get on the metro, right after the door had opened. (I had checked my bag right before and it was ok) I was in complete shock, and started crying. My vacation money gone, all 500 euros of them! Since this incident, I always carry my bag on my lap, and never let go. If it hadn´t been for my fiance to calm me down, I honestly don´t know what I would have done.

13) I love my parents and my brother and sister (I have one of each), but I cannot spend more than a week at a time with them. We drive each other crazy!

14) I don´t enjoy shopping very much, and I am very bored of going to the hairdresser´s!

15) Both Ernesto and I are very particular about our dream home, and have been planning it since we met. The first thing I´m gonna buy in my new house is a red espresso machine (I love latte!)

16) I like every colour, apart from black. Every time I wear black, it kinda makes me feel blue! (ok, that´s quite a paradox!)

17) I have been bitting my nails like crazy, since I was a kid. My hands were quite horrible ´for a young lady´. After much effort, I have cut it down to two - fingers, that is! I bite only two of my fingers´ nails (the scapegoats!), and all the others are intact!

18) I have always dreamt of becoming an actress. I also wanted to go to university, though, so art school was kind of left behind. I am not very sure about medicine now, either. I have graduated, but the prospect of working in the hospital seems very unappealing to me.

19) I am bossy with Ernesto, but I am quite useless without him!

20) My constant nightmare is that, although I am invisible, a certain bad guy can see me, and hunts me down!

21) I am not religious, but I am overly spiritual. I believe in energy, good vibrations, guardian angels and fairies. I also believe in reincarnation, and I hope to meet my partner in future lives as well!

22) If I were an animal, I would like to be a dolphin or a squirrel.

23) I don´t like insincere people, and those who are dirty and untidy.

24) Both Ernesto and I are Capricorns, born 2 days apart. My beloved grandmother and my favourite cousin are Capricorns as well.

25) I cry like a baby when watching movies or even TV commercials! Certain things that nobody notices can make me a wreck! I am often angry at myself for being so easy to hurt, but it´s true...


  1. Great list :) I totally agree with the Grandparents one, I am almost closer to my Grandma than My Mom.

  2. Gracey! I know how you feel about the crying thing. I feel like such a blubbering fool sometimes...but I can't stop it...if I think about feeling like a fool, I just cry harder! You sound like such a sweet, sweet person! I would love to meet you for a latte and scones (fresh ingredients...on a plate)! How great to get to know you a little more!

  3. I love that people are doing these! it is fun to learn new things about people!
    I'm a capricorn too! : )
    and I am too trusting too at times..and just had money stolen from me at the grocery store.. it was awful! I cried because it was our food money!
    and my grammie taught me so much and I can't tell you how important she is to me too!

  4. You are so right, girls. The list was a terrific idea - we learnt some more things about each other. I would love to meet all of you in person, latte or no latte, fresh or not, on a plate or on the go, any way possible (oh, and ´scones´ = another unknown and exotic American thing that I have to try!) I know the distances are great, but one can always hope, right? Oh, and I am so sorry for your stolen money, Thames. I am sure it was a frightening experience. I am glad you are ok, though. It seems to be such a cliche, but it´s true: The fact that your are ok IS the most important indeed.

  5. Great list, Gracey! It was fun to learn more about you! I'm in total agreement about the cleaning and tidying. I can't relax in a messy room.

  6. Great list Gracey! Funny how you find so many things in common when you read someone's list, yet in other ways we're so different! I gotta work on my 25!!! ;)

  7. I love your list! I agree with you about grandparents. And I also had to learn to cook on my own, and I love it.