Friday, February 27, 2009

An unexpected award...

Most of the time, my posts take pretty long to write. There are things that I have to research, or think about, or find a way to express (the fact that I am not writing in my mother tongue doesn't help either!). However, there is always time for an exception - and today is the day for that. Because today my post is not about info and new things that I have learnt and want to share. In fact, it could only be an one-word-post only: Thanks.

I want to thank 2 of my friends in the blogosphere for this award, Willoughby and Raoulysgirl. I don't know if this is possible or allowed, but I definitely want to thank them BOTH.

Their amazing blogs are "Who has the thyme?" and "This stop Willoughby". In the highly unlikely case you haven't checked them yet, do so!

The 10 blogs (and people), to whom I would like to give an award, are:

  • Pamela from Pam-fried family life, for her hilarious posts about the craziness of having a family with 5 children - and making it happen, one step at a time, every day. She is truly inspiring for me.
  • Thamesmarino from Yesterday's tomorrow, because she is a living example of how things, no matter what, CAN get better and I admire her strength, sincerity, and the fact that she has the courage to take photos without primping! LOL
  • 5th from The 5th sister, due to the fact that she always gives the best advice (seriously, I am tired of agreeing with her), and her fresh and unbiased perspective on things (ok, of course I like that she is a fan of all-that-is-Greek too! LOL)
  • Sweet Katie from Katie's corner, for her delicious cooking and baking ideas.
  • La Gitana from Looking beyond food, for her creativity and motivation to get fit and eat better.
  • ChristineM from Marvelously Mundane, for her creations and her persistence of "turning the frown upside-down".
  • And, last but not least, a new find, Forty something and counting , by thraserswife, for the most well-written post about models and eating... I am so anxious to read more!

If you want to give this award too, you can see the rules here.

So friends, enjoy your awards and please... KEEP BLOGGING (and commenting)!


  1. I gave you an award, too! Check out my last post :)

  2. Oh, I nominated you right back. I so appreciate your posts!

  3. wow thank you that was really nice stuff you said! : )
    Thank you!
    I'm so glad that we have all found this circle of support and friendship. It is a sunny part of my day now...: )
    thanks again!

  4. It takes me AGES to write a post too, and english is my first language!

  5. I love the cartoon, that is too cute :)

  6. Well deserved - I would have nominated you for Honest Scrap but you already have it.