Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Another award (and some confessions)...

Good morning, friends! To my amazement, I received another award, from Raoulysgirl, from "Who has the Thyme?" yesterday - an honest blogging award this time. Thank you so much, girl.

My 7 nominess for the same award, are:

  1. Raoulysgirl from Who has the thyme. I am not sure if this is allowed, but it couldn't be any other way. I admire her for the fact that she is not afraid to express her beliefs, no matter how they may sound, or how people will respond. I appreciate her honesty very much, she always gives me food for thought, and I agree with her more and more as time passes.
  2. Thames from Yesterday's tomorrow, for the most sincere and encouraging post about difficult decisions and changes (amongst other things).
  3. 5th, from the 5th sister, for her moving post about an important anniversary of her life. Again, this is not the only reason I chose her, but it is the first one that comes to mind.
  4. LB from Muddy Runner, because I admire his devotion to his running aims, and he is always truthful about what he accomplishes. He is an inspiration for eating better and getting more fit, one day at a time.
  5. Katie, from Katie's corner, because she made me be "less" of a doctor and more of a person for once. Being open about her condition and how she is feeling, I managed to see things from her side and perspective, and it was an eye-opener for me. I truly hope you feel better by now, Katie.
  6. Tattoos from Tattoos and teething rings, for the most original and amazing love stories I have ever read (her grandparents').
  7. Willoughby from This stop Willoughby, simply because I love to read her blog (I check it several times a day) and I couldn't think of anyone more worthy of this award.

Thanks again, friends, for the wonderful time I have reading, writing, commenting, and sharing moments with all of you.

If you want to give the same award, follow these instructions:
  • Choose a minimum of 7 blogs that you find brilliant in content or design.
  • Show the 7 winners names and links on your blog, and leave a comment informing them that they were prized with "Honest Scrap." Well, there's no prize, but they can keep the nifty icon.
  • List at least 10 honest things about yourself.

And some confessions:

  1. Today I discovered that I need to loose 18 pounds. I have never been overweight in my life. I was always of average weight, and still am. But the last months of my life, having graduated and not working yet, trying 3 new dessert recipes from AR per week and getting no exercise whatsoever, have changed my figure somehow. It hasn't been a dramatic change, (switched clothes size, from sometimes S and sometimes M [depending on the clothes] to always M), but this has to stop now. I need to change it, before it is too late to change. The good thing is that I like eating healthy - I just need to cut down the desserts and get some activity. Wish me luck!

  2. I am at that point in my life when I have to make some hard decisions. The unemployment situation in Greece is tragic, and my fiance is more than eager to move to Germany (his mother's home country) to get a job there. I am scared to death of that. I don't have any problem with moving, it is just that I don't speak any German. As a result, I will need some time to adjust, learn the language, and THEN get a doctor's position. Ernesto says that, even if you take the language barrier in mind, I will STILL have a job earlier than I would have here. It makes sense, but it still is a great change in my life, and just thinking about it makes me kind of queesy.

  3. I have the worst relationship possible with my future-in laws (especially my FIL). Things were bad right from the beginning, and although over the last 7 years there have been many efforts to change that, it just can't be. I am hurt with the situation and feel that they have not been fair to me at all. However, Ernesto says that he doesn't mind, he knows I am right, and that I just have to accept things the way they are and try not to think about it. I guess it is easier saying so, than doing so.

  4. I can become quite addicted to certain video games (my personal record is playing Sims for 18 hours non-stop). It just felt so wrong to lose valuable time over a screen, and I quit it. I now have an AR addiction, of course, but it is much, much more controlled.

  5. I wear contact lenses (and glasses when I am at home). My eyesight was poor (7 / 10) at high school, but I didn't want to wear glasses and my parents wouldn't allow lenses. As a result, I was missing most of the details of the outside world when going out. The funniest moment was when I accidently hitch-hiked a truck, because I mistaked it for the bus, and waved at the driver to stop! So humiliating! I learnt to cope with it, though - but when I first put the lenses on, it was a totally different world out there!

  6. I also wore braces at primary school and high school (for 6 whole years). It was an awful experience. The moment the orthodontist removed them, I never set foot in his office again - not for follow up, nothing.

  7. When my younger sister and I were small, we had different rooms, and it was obligatory to stay in and have a nap after lunch. Neither of us could sleep, so I would jump out of my window and climb on hers, and get in her room to play (of course, as silently as we could - shhh!). This is something we always remind one another when we meet.

  8. As a kid, my sister was chubby, while I was skinny. This was a strange thing, since I ate most of her food when our parents weren't watching! She ate very little, and then always tried to pass it on to me.

  9. This is the first of the 10 days I will have to spend alone (Ernesto is in Germany, having job interviews) and I wonder if I will miss him terribly, be bored to death, or feel kind of relieved to have a little "alone time". I guess it will be all 3 at the same time.

  10. I have to clean the house now, and I am sooooo bored - but I know I won't feel at ease unless I finally do it.

Well, that's it for now, guys. I hope it wasn't too much information for you! See you later!


  1. Gracey, thank you for the award! I'm flattered that you had such nice things to say about my blog! I hope you don't get too bored while Ernesto is gone. You can always find some fun on AR!

  2. Vielen Dank! I speak a tiny bit of Deutsch - I took it for three years in high school and two semesters in college but, oddly enough, haven't used it much here in Southern California. Hmmm... must be the lack of Deutscher.

    Also had a question for you. Your a traveler, at least you've been and are on that side of the world. My brother and his wife went on vacation to Egypt, Jordan and Israel. They're in Egypt right now, will be in Jordan in about 10 days and after week there a week in Israel. I'm worried for their safety, and of course just today the US embassy issued a warning to Americans in Egypt. Is it relatively safe over there and I'm just exaggerating my fears or should I be worried?

    Auf wiederhoren!

  3. I graciously accept your award! Thank you for thinking of me. I hear Germany is a beautiful country. It is also 3/4 of my heritage (Dad was born in East Prussia Germany, and Mom was half German herself) Unfortunately, the German government is persecuting and arresting parents who have made the decision to home school their children. Many of these families are now fleeing Germany. Very tragic.

  4. great list!!!
    moving can be hard, good luck! I think that full emmersion is the way to go as far as learning a new language and culture... it might be a little overwhelming at first but I'm sure that you will catch on quickly... and Ernesto can give you private lessons, right? ; )
    and thank you again for the blog award. I am glad that you lik eto read it...and feel honored that you do! : )

  5. I know you already have the "Honest Scrap" award, but I'm giving it to you again!

  6. Thanks everyone, for all your comments and advice (and thanks for the award, Willoughby!). LB, I am sure your brother and his wife will be safe. Of all the places you mentioned, I would be most worried about Israel. But a Jewish friend of mine who lives there, told me that tourists, and especially American citizens, have nothing to worry about. So, I think that everything will be fine. 5th, homeschooling is not allowed in Greece, either. But to face the fear of being arrested and to have to flee the country... well, that's terrible, and reminds me of times (and stories) we all wish we could forget...

  7. Thank you! These blogs are such a great way to get to know people outside of our circles.

  8. Thank you, Gracey...from my heart. I was touched to read what you had to say about my blog! It made me a little weepy...I'll admit. I am so hooked on YOUR blog right now! I, too, was a Sim's was a hard habit to break. My daughter got a few Sims games for her Nintendo DS for Christmas...well...let's just say that I had to fight the urge! Thanks for the award!

  9. #5 totally cracked me up :) Love your list :)